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Maiden Mania (Grecia) (Boxset)

Título: Maiden Mania
Formato: 12″
Año: 1987
País: Grecia
Label: EMI


Women In Uniform:

  1. Women In Uniform
  2. Invasion
  3. Phantom Of The Opera (Live)

Maiden Japan:

  1. Running Free (Live)
  2. Remember Tomorrow (Live)
  3. Killers (Live)
  4. Innocent Exile (Live)

Aces High:

  1. Aces High
  2. King Of Twilight
  3. The Number Of The Beast (Live)

Run To The Hills (Live):

  1. Run To The Hills (Live)
  2. Phantom Of The Opera (Live)
  3. Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra) (Live)

Wasted Years:

  1. Wasted Years
  2. Reach Out
  3. Sheriff Of Huddersfield


  • Boxset con 5 maxis